We are a Helsinki based agency for promoting sustainable artisanal interior design, fashion and art.

believes in preservation of old traditional artisan skills and approaching design with a respect built on centuries of traditions and rituals in the context of culture and development.

I am Anna Piskonen, the founder of Craft Connected.

I am human rights and international development professional with work experience both in my home country Finland and in developing countries.

I am fascinated by the idea of contributing to positive changes in society through artistic and creative activities. As having a curious mind, I took up interior design studies to immerse myself in aesthetic world of interiors and to study sustainable natural materials. In Craft Connected, I bring together my knowledge of international development, human rights and business, and my enthusiasm for arts, crafts and design.

By travelling the world for work and pleasure, I often came across beautifully designed unique pieces of handmade crafts and artworks. At the same time I was hearing sad stories about how the centuries old artisan skills and techniques were at risk of disappearing for many reasons being behind that. Three years in Afghanistan served me as the last eye opener that something must be done to preserve traditional craftsmanship to future generations. The decades of armed conflict has adversely affected Afghan carpet industry and cheap Chinese carpets have come to market to replace the traditional local rugs. Through my current project in Bhutan I will share with you inspiring insights on what can be done to preserve and revive centuries old artisanal traditions when there is will and commitment in society.

I possess a diverse array of experience in project management, research and analysis, training, advising and mentoring, stakeholder and community engagement, designing and implementing communication strategies. I educate myself continuously in order to stay abreast of new developments in a constantly evolving landscape of Craft Connected’s field of specialization.

We strive be creative, uplifting, proactive, strategic and, most of all, sustainable in all we do.

Craft Connected offers help in sustainable and inclusive business practices for interior and fashion designers and artisans, and partners with entrepreneurs, NGOs, public organizations, learning institutions and other like-minded entities.

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