Envisioning a World Where Old Traditional Artisanal Skills Meet New Tech in a Sustainable Way

is a Helsinki-based agency for promoting sustainable artisanal interior design, fashion and art. Craft Connected believes in preservation of old traditional artisan skills and approaching design with a respect built on centuries of traditions and rituals in the context of culture and development.

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Culture and development is a concept that bridges cultural industries and cultural heritage to social, economic, environmental and human dimensions of sustainable development.

By exploring interior design, fashion and art in the context of culture and development provides a way to develop sustainable inclusive business models that proactively aim at creating positive impacts on societies alongside financial profits.

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Empowering Communities

Through community-based approach we empower local communities to appreciate and preserve their old culture and related economic activities, and thus maintain understanding of their history and heritage that form a big part of peoples’ identity.

Consideration of culture, including local context and specificities, knowledge and values as well as skills and materials are critical for ensuring sustainable development. The members of the community play an active role as change agents in steering their own destinies and enabling lasting positive community-wide economic, social and environmental impacts.

Promoting Peaceful Coexistence of Cultures and Economic Development

The artisan sector is the second largest employer in the developing world. In conflict and post-conflict settings, the sector can create much-needed jobs, provide income and advance community development. In Craft Connected, we see the need to promote economic development for peace and to enhance cross-cultural interaction. We support local artisans and their communities to find economic opportunities in a global world. By doing this, we also hope to open doors for dialogue that respects the uniqueness of different cultures, people and places and increases understanding of peace and development for all.

Embracing Traditional Crafts and Arts in a Digitalized Era

We believe that preserving and promoting old artisan techniques and traditions does not mean closing our eyes from a constantly changing world around us or contradicting the digitalized era. On the contrary, finding new creative and innovative ways of harnessing new tech for tradition-based creative activities can open up a landscape of opportunities for keeping these centuries’ old traditions alive to future generations. We would love to be part of that exciting process – in a responsible way.

Craft Connected runs its own projects and offers help to private persons, companies, NGOs and public organizations in designing and implementing sustainable artistic and creative projects in Finland and abroad.

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