Supporting Artisanal Skills and Designers Embracing Culture

runs its own projects and offers help to private persons, companies, NGOs and public organizations in designing and implementing sustainable artistic and creative projects in Finland and abroad.

Sustainable and soulful textiles from Bhutan

Bhutan, country called the land of thunder dragon, lies in the Eastern Himalayas. Bhutan, sometimes also called “land of weaving and textiles”, has a centuries old spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidering tradition.

This old textile art is passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter from early childhood. The textiles form an indispensable part of cultural heritage and identity of Bhutanese people. This strong textile tradition was at risk of disappearing until the Bhutanese Government together with the Royal Textile Academy saw an urgent need to protect it from extinction. They are now taking strong measures to keep alive their heritage crafts and revive sheep farming for wool production, for example.

Protection, Promotion & Collaboration

Craft Connected is developing a business project to protect and promote the old Bhutanese textile traditions and the use of natural fibers. Within the project, Craft Connected collaborates with local designers, weavers, producers of raw materials and Bhutanese government representatives.

A human rights based approach will be utilized during business development in order to ensure sustainability of the activities. The project has received a grant from Finnpartnership.

Let’s act together. How can I help you?

Do you have an artistic or creative business idea in mind but you are not sure how to proceed with it? Are you inspired of making a positive impact on society through your business? Is your business just about to start up or is it already growing? Do you ever worry if your operations are on a sustainable basis? Are you thinking about how to go about it?

It is never too late to check the sustainability of your business and its impact on society. I am here to help you to get started and to develop a strategy for sustainability that also adhere to international human rights standards.

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Getting Started with a Work Buddy

Make Your Dream Come True

Getting started with a new business or project idea can sometimes be challenging and even a bit scary. Making business or a project sustainable and human rights –based may add a new unfamiliar dimension to a whole process.

As a work buddy I give you support in getting your business or project started on a sustainable ground, and I inspire you to think out-of-the box. We can together make things manageable, overcome obstacles, find new ways to get things done and at the same time, save time and money. Specifically, it may include, for example, working together to make a business or project plan, analyzing sustainability aspects, networking, identifying and resolving vulnerabilities and challenges,  finding financial and funding sources, writing project and funding proposals.

human rights based culture development

Pathway to Social Impact

Human Rights Based Approach

Craft Connected’s human rights based social impact tool is designed to help you to address social impact of your business.  With the help of the tool, we map out a pathway on how your company can take steps towards becoming socially sustainable.

Craft Connected has a network of partners and experts with extensive knowledge of sustainable development, social impact and human rights. We are ready assist you in your sustainability journey.

Craft Connected defines a social impact as an act causing a positive change in an actual or urgent social question.

You can start planning your sustainability journey with the tips we have created for you: My Path to Sustainability – from Seeds to Flower.

Training, Advising and Capacity Building

Dive into a world of sustainability, human rights, crafts, arts and design by inspirational, practical and interactive training. Let’s craft a tailored training or workshop that suits your needs and create opportunity for learning for you, your organization and/or partners and other stakeholders. You can also ask me as a lecturer or a facilitator for seminars, training courses, workshops and other events.

In addition to training, I offer professional advisory services to drive your business, project or idea forward. Whether the question in hand is multidisciplinary in nature or concerns a specific topic I always go the extra mile to help you to find the best solutions for your situation.

Supporting Artisanal Skills and Designers Embracing Culture

Referring to Thomas Edison’s famous quote that genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration…

If you got an inspiration, I’ll help you with perspiration!

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